Services for the companies

Information Technologies (IT) projects optimization

We help in changing the traditional IT projects management focusing on:

  • Team members well being
  • Personal relationships and communication skills
  • Collaboration
  • Conscious leadership

We develop tailor made programs per each client based on used methods (waterfall, Agile/Scrum…) and size and type of projects.

Digital Transformation support

We develop tailor made programs per each organization based on their challenges:

  • Align / change corporate culture
  • Identify / Manage employees’ capabilities
  • Define / Implement collaboration strategies, communication protocols, change management, and new ways of working together.

After studying 5.400 large scale IT projects, McKinsey & Co published:45% exceeded Budget 7% exceeded timeframe 56% have delivered les value than promised 

Even if 90% of the corporate leaders believe that their business is going to be fully impacted by the digital wave, only 44% of them think that they are in the right process to get ready for