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The average corporate training activities increases productivity by 22%. When they are combined with coaching, there is a 88% increase 

Public Personnel Management magazine report

ToBeSingular, keeping the focus on the individual, creates tailored development programs according to the organization profile and current situation.

To provide the employees with capabilities around soft skills is a must for a serious talent management program.
Soft skills development is key to increase motivation, job satisfaction and to ease change management processes.

Today, corporate directors and managers live in a complex environment, with pressure for KPIs, high expectations set, and relevant responsibilities.
Speed to deliver and short time to market are added difficulties to deal with.
A new leadership is needed to deal with this ecosystem and generating
consciousness and commitment with determination makes real difference when developing it.

We know that the greater the leaders’ consciousness at the corporation, the greater the effectiveness of their leadership and then better company results.

Our team coaching processes keep the focus on optimizing the team performance and unleashing its potential.
We follow a tailored approach that develops the skills and abilities required in each case adjusting the workshops, the training sessions and the dynamics.

We perform a playful activity with dynamics based on coaching, NLP and EI that allows the discovery and invites to change. It allows to analyze strengths and weaknesses, enhance leadership features, soften potential conflicts and reinforces the sense of belonging to the team and to the company.

When mindfulness is integrated into the corporate culture, professionals are more motivated, they have a better performance and they are more commitment with the corporate objectives.

We use mindfulness as a tool to reduce stress, to create consciousness and to keep the attention here and now. It improves creativity, productivity, stress management and eases personal relationships.